Wednesday, March 4, 2015

{European Exursions Part 1: Slovenia}

After months of waiting, it finally happened. I went to Europe! The purpose of my trip was to be a part of the Fusion choir when Fusion was launched in Poland. Fusion is the ministry that my Aunt and Uncle lead in Celje, Slovenia. It's a teen outreach, and it's a rock choir. You can also go to camps and learn different instruments, such as guitar, piano, and drums. About 20-25 kids are a part of Fusion Celje. I had an amazing time, and I wish I was still there. I would love to go back sometime in the near future. If you go once, you never want to go back home.

Before the Poland launch, my dad and I had a week in Slovenia to kind of explore and prepare for the tour, which was going to be a big deal. Dad and I landed in the Zagreb airport in Croatia at about 1:30 pm their time. As we were waiting for our luggage to come (which took forever), we spotted Uncle Johnny, Auntie Brooke and Kinsley waiting for us with a sign. The window we saw them through had ads plastered all over it so we couldn't read it at the time, but it was still good to see them, even if it was through a giant tomato.

On the drive home, which was about two hours, I could feel myself slipping away. I was so tired, but I couldn't sleep because it would mess up my sleep schedule. To stay awake, I played charades with Auntie Brooke for the ride. It was pretty fun. On arriving at Uncle Johnny and Auntie Brooke's house, I was so relieved because that meant I would only have to force my body to stay awake for a couple more hours. I was so tired I don't even remember what we had for dinner that night, but I'm sure it was good. At about 8:30 I finally went to bed and slept through the whole night, which was a relief. I didn't know how my body would adjust to the different time zones, but I think it did okay.

That morning, we made plans to go sledding, so dad and I would have some activity to do to keep us up and running. Gwynne (also a Fusion leader) came along, and we had a lot of fun. Since we never get snow in Washington, it made it all the more fun to be able to go sledding. We were also sledding in Europe, so... I had such a good time I didn't notice the cold or anything. And getting to watch my dad wipe out in the snow was pretty enjoyable.

That night, Uncle Johnny and Auntie Brooke were having some of the kids from Fusion over to watch the final Harry Potter movie. They had watched them all starting with the fourth movie as a group. I met Saša, Klara, Urh, and Miha. I was a little nervous about meeting new people, especially people from another county, but I enjoyed getting to know them, and they had a love for Harry Potter, like me. I went to bed after the movie because I was still feeling the jet lag.

On Sunday morning we went to church, and Uncle Johnny translated for me and dad. After church we went to the restaurant Verdi Verdi. I ordered lasagna, and I must say it was pretty delicious. We had a pretty chill night, which was relaxing, and I wasn't feeling as jet lagged as I had the previous night. I actually stayed up to text and Snapchat all my friends back in the States. I was chatting with my cousin Alainna, and then she realized it was one in the morning for me and stopped texting me.

So much happened and so much was packed in it's hard to remember what I did on certain days, and I'm probably boring you with my day by day diary-like rambling. You want to hear about Fusion! I mean, that was the whole point of my trip to Europe. On Tuesday I went to the Fusion band rehearsal and met some more of the Fusion kids. As I wasn't actually in the band, I simply watched and listened. It was fun to watch how hard they had worked and how well they were doing.

On Thursday was the actual Fusion choir rehearsal. Dad had some work that he had to do, so I didn't have him as a refuge if I felt alone, which was, in reality, good for me, because I had to find ways to include myself without my dad being there to help. Of course it was super awkward and I went on my iPod to make it look I was doing something and I wasn't the girl sitting in the corner all alone, but I participated in my first Fusion rehearsal and I had a lot of fun. Saša and Klara were there, and they helped make me feel a little less alone. A few of the songs we did I wasn't too sure about and I didn't necessarily care for the melody, but as I continued to practice them with the whole Fusion group, they grew on me and even now I listen to them on repeat and sing alto in my room while doing the motions in front of the mirror.

After the rehearsal was over and most of the kids had left, I couldn't resist playing some of the instruments there because I hadn't touched a piano or guitar in about a week and I needed to play something. Uncle Johnny joined me on guitar and Auntie Brooke on drums and we played around for a little while. It was fun, and I got a little bit of the music pent up inside of me out.

The next day it finally had arrived. The thing we had been waiting for. We were going to Poland. We met all the Fusion kids at the train station right by Uncle Johnny and Auntie Brooke's house, and with all our luggage waited for the bus. The bus arrived and we loaded all our bags and pillows into the bus. Excited and a little nervous, I boarded the bus and sat down.
To Be Continued

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