Monday, January 13, 2014

If I Was a Color...

Hi everybody! It has been almost a year since I've written! Mom is so much better than I am at remembering to write. So I decided that every time I have to write and essay for school I would put it in my blog. This essay is a little older, and it was the funnest, and also probably the shortest essay I've written. This essay is about what color you would be if you were a color. I hope you enjoy!

If I was a color, I would be orange. Orange is a bright, fun color, which is how my friends and family describe me. This color is thought of as excitement, enthusiasm and warmth.

When I think of excitement, I think of joy and happiness. There is a lot of exciting things in my life, like my crazy little sister and my amazing family. Both bring me lot of joy and happiness.

I'm super enthusiastic! (most of the time) If I have something to do, I jump right to it, and I'm always open for new suggestions. If something pops up, I'm there to help. Sometimes I'm a little to enthusiastic with my friends...

I love making new friends! If there's a girl standing alone, not looking sure of herself, I go over and talk to her. My dad says I have to many friends! But I love doing that. I think that's what describes warmth.

Orange. The bright, fun color that fits me almost perfectly! And, if you're feeling down, just look at the exciting and warm color, orange.